Women are often in care giving roles—in our families and in professions that heal, nurture, and educate. Across nations and throughout history, women model and instill values to children and adolescents, not only as mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters, but as teachers, nurses, social workers, and volunteers. We take that work seriously because we know the fabric of a community and the heart of a nation are at stake. It is from this perspective that 2017 was so appalling for a vast number of women. We would be loath to let our children associate with someone who comported himself toward others the way our current president behaves. Mocking a reporter with a disability, stereotyping people from Mexico as rapists, bragging about treating women as objects, referring to white supremacists as “very fine people” indicate a severe deficit of basic human compassion. How in good conscience can people of any party look up to a person so lacking in the basic qualities of decency that we work so hard to instill in our schools? Children and teens are reprimanded and expelled for less. Would we praise young athletes who resort to the same type of badgering and name-calling this man does in one day with his Twitter account? But members of the Republican party have hitched their wagon to this man, too afraid of the backlash from his base if they object. It’s a classic case of bullying; for without the silent acquiescence of bystanders the bully holds no power. Every mother teaches her children how to identify and protect themselves from a bully. It’s time we mothers unite and teach our country how to protect a nation from one, as well as from those who’ve propped him up by their silence.