Author Candace Waldron, MDiv

Candace Waldron is a writer, educator, administrator, and public policy advocate in violence prevention and women’s health. She has served as executive director of a domestic violence agency, director of women’s health in a community hospital and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and coordinator of a rape crisis center.

When her sixteen-year-old daughter asked about testosterone injections and chest surgery, her immediate reaction was to slow down the speeding train about to rip her daughter away. What loomed like a permanent loss, a death for her, felt like a long-awaited birth for her child. My Daughter He: Transitioning with Our Transgender Children, describes the interior journey the author took to let go of her beloved daughter so she could welcome her son.

Candace Waldron wrote My Daughter He to help other parents be better equipped and more informed when parenting their nonconforming or transgender children. She currently cofacilitates PFLAG support groups for parents in the Greater Boston area.